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Where the dogs sing. Thread. Sinthian, Senegal. Josef and Anni Albers Foundation.

I arrived at Sinthian, a remote and a small village in the region of Tambacounda, Senegal, on January 15, I was part of the program Thread: Artist in Residence, Josef and Anni Albers Foundation.

I lived for seven weeks without telephone or internet and I was not able to communicate well with the local population.


There is dust, everything is covered, it is best to accept it and work with it.

What have I come to do here? Draw, read, work with soil, get bored, live without phone or internet, to miss.

I do not know what I draw. My purpose was to observe and respond. I didn´t question what I was doing. I was experimenting,

I draw for my own interest. The drawings were made for their own expression.


Everything becomes more physical, I need material, I do not know where to get intense blacks. All things are wasted. Materials that I had been with them for more than 3 years, they have lasted me no more than fifteen days.




2018. Sinthian, Senegal, Thread, Josef and Anni Albers Foundation


Waadé Netedio. In order to create this intervention, the material of the mound was removed.I worked with earth. It gained a new definition by its manipulation and began to express itself through all of its innate characteristics.


Waadé raneeré. The intention was to limit the use of materials. I didn´t bring any additional materials, I am only worked with what was there.

In order to create this intervention, the earth was removed. and white ash from a burnt tree was used as the pigment.

The termite mound is empty inside, There are two large holes, I can get inside, when I look up I discover the sky. I paint the inside with the white ash. I like to think that I do not use another pigment that the one that the terrain gives me. I return to the termite the burned wood.


Waadé Raneeré. White Ashes and Arabic Gum. Approx Dimensions: 320 x 210 x 180 cm.

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