Óscar Valero Sáez


Madrid, Spain.


Visual artist, Professor, and Architect.


Predoctoral Researcher. Thesis title “The well tempered line.” Director of the thesis: Sylvia Molina. Department of Research in Art and Communication. Theory and practice of the media. Art, Science, and Technology. Faculty of Fine Arts. University of Cuenca. UCLM


Interested in artistic research, I develop my work mainly in the field of drawing, relating to other disciplines such as architecture, music, three-dimensional and audiovisual installations, with special attention on minimal and respectful approach, in order to search for the simplest structure.


The Well-Tempered Clave and the Goldberg Variations of J. S, Bach, are a source of inspiration in my artistic work. Focused on visualizing the musical harmonic structures of the work of the German baroque musician.


As an artistic researcher I had the opportunity to develop my work in national and international Universities and Foundations:


- The Joseph and Anni Albers Foundation, Connecticut, USA.

- Cultureland, Amsterdam, Holland.

- Carragi-na-gcat, Ireland. The Joseph and Anni Albers Foundation.

- Thread Artist residence, Senegal. The Joseph and Anni Albers Foundation.

- Columbia University, New York.

- Guttenberg Arts, West New York.

- Malaspina Artist Run Center, Vancouver, Canada.


My work has been exhibited in Spain, the United States, Germany, Amsterdam, Senegal, Cuba, Canada, and has been awarded with numerous prizes.


My experience as a teacher spans more than 15 years. After a few years working as a Professor of design and Architectural projects, I decided to open my own workshop "Cuatro Escalones" with Verónica Sánchez specialized in the development of the architectural project. I have also taught classes in different institutions:


- Istituto Europeo di Design (IED). Madrid.

- University of Architecture, Navarra.

- Camilo José Cela University (SEK)

- Zola School, Madrid.

- Cuatroescalones, Madrid.

- Estudio 10. Madrid.


I have been lucky to live in the United States, Canada, Holland, Ireland, and Senegal.