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Captura de pantalla 2019-12-17 a las 17.

Time signature 3:3. Tryptic. Work on paper. 106 x 216 cm. 

Alphabet's series is involved in experimentation with language as having the capability of synthesizing an inherent human quality by means of abstract, simple, and universal signs. As an initial resource, I have used the Braille alphabet, generated from the repetition of six points. Playing with these points, I build a general structure with content. In accordance with the thinking of the great American artist of the last century, John Cage, especially his 1949 Lecture on Nothing, I have built musical pieces structured in time and physical silences, searching for those pockets of silence where the music can root and grow. They are works in which the gestures of the hand remain latent, with all their imperfections and vibrations.

Lecture on nothing. Work on paper. Etching. 76 x 52 cm. 2010. 


Blind sound. 2014. Drawing, black ink on paper. 76 x 52 cm.

Overpopulation and art. 2014. Work on paper. Relief and lithography. 76 x 112 cm.


Ogham´s net. 2014. Drawing on paper. White ink and relief.70 x 112 cm. 

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