Sinthian, Senegal, 2018, Thread, Josef and Anni Albers Foundation.

A dissolving geometry. The right angle loses its edges. In this territory where everything is wasted, orthogonal geometry has no reason to exist. The joints are intertwined in an organic way.


Everything is constructed in the same way, a framework of sticks. Like a tapestry or a natural fabric.


The hedges, the benches, the tables, the beds, the roofs.


"I don´t think in terms of imagery anymore. Images are pictures. I am interested in abstraction as a way to focus and to see.

Pictures stop my vision as soon as I recognize the content." Michael Heizer

Series of 10 drawings on Arches paper 300 g.

Watercolor, natural pigments, gum Arabic, lithography pencils and oil bars.

The dimension of each piece: 120 x 56 cm.


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