oscar valero prelude 01

I propose to explore the musical structure of JS Bach’s “Well Tempered Clavier” (1741) through a graphical process. I am interested in applying the classical conception of beauty to music —that beauty originates from the structure. The project translates music into the visual medium where the structure is revealed and can hold a dynamic space with depth.


“Well Tempered Clavier” is a collection of preludes and fugues in all 24 major and minor keys. Based on structural rules, the collection can be seen as a tutorial in compositional theory. W.T.C. is a clean set of short compositions designed to show why specific combinations of pitches make music while other make noise.   


The project reveals the beauty of the Preludes through a graphical representation. It explores written music as an open structure. The Score is not approached as musical notation but as form. Two dimensions of the music presented in the score are coded into a grid: pitch and time. 


By exposing musical structure through a visual medium, the project makes conscious the space that music occupies. The Preludes are shown in a global way. They are suspended in time, beyond past and future. The project seeks to transport the viewer into the musical text.