Sinthian, Senegal, 2018. Thread, Josef and Anni Albers Foundation



Site-specific intervention in a Termite Mound

White Ashes and Arabic Gum

Approx Dimensions: 320 x 210 x 180 cm.


Waadé raneeré - White termite mound in Pulaar.


The intention was to limit the use of materials and developed the common local ones.

I didn´t bring any additional materials, I am only worked with what was there.

In order to create this intervention, the earth was removed. and white ash from a burnt tree was used as the pigment.


The termite mound is empty inside, it has two large holes through which I can get inside, when I look up I discover the sky. I paint the inside with the white ash to frame it. I like to think that I do not use another pigment that the one that the terrain gives me. I return to the termite the burned trunk of wood on which it rests, a funerary rite of incineration.

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