Archaeology, Assemble, Alphabet, Abstraction, Annotation, Archetype, Austerity, Absence,

Boundary, Bach, Beat, Balance, Beauty

Clay, Concave, Chord, Construction, Composition, Cartography, C, Calligraphy, Contemplating, Concentration, Concealing, Crack, Cube

Disappearance, Drawing, Development, Dwelling, Duration, Distance, Dimension, Distilling

Ephemeral, Equivalent, Emptiness

Fold, Fertility

Grid, Gradation, Geometry, Gap, Gesture, God, Grotto

Hole, Harmony, Hide

Intuitive, Inside, Idea, Improvisation, Indeterminacy, Invisible, Intimacy


Landscape, Location, Layer, Line, Language, Limited, Less

Material, Mark, Memory, Mistake, Meditation, Music, Map, Measure, Monochromatic

Nothing, Nature, Noun, Notation, Net, Number

Observation, Object

Past, Process, Primary, Pencil, Project, Paper, Piano, Point, Position, Prelude, Pitch, Pressure, Persistent, Pattern

Ritual, Reduction, Raw, Restriction, Reflection, Rhythm, Repetition, Relation

Square, Soil, Soul, Structure, Slowness, Score, Silence, Series, Sound, Simplicity, Subtraction, Selection, Scale, Site

Territory, Trace, Time, Tension, Translation, Tuning, Tree

Void, Variation

Water, White, Writing, Wood




My artistic research is based on the specific relationships between these terms.


I investigate hidden structures of formations through a visual process, introducing them into the physical world.

My research aims to visualize the process from the conception to the realization of the structure.


I believe that art requires a slow approach.