Books help me in my artistic research. They are part of my work and they inspire me with new ideas.

I come back to these books in a continuous way and I am very thankful and proud of them.



El silencio, aproximaciones. David Le Breton

Hanne Darvoben / John Cage. A dialogue of Artworks. Joachin Kaak Corinna Thierolf


The Anarchy of silence, John Cage and experimental art.


Silence, John Cage.


Escritos al oído. John Cage.


The New York Schools of Music and Visual Arts, Steven Johnson


The thinking ear, R. Murray Schafer


Bach and the patterns of invention. Laurence Dreyfus.


¿Do, Re, Qué?. Federico Abad



Agnes Martin. Barbara Haskell, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York


Agnes Martin. Writings

Agnes Martin. D.A.P. Distributed Art Publishers Inc.



Apariencia Desnuda. Octavio Paz


Marcel Duchamp. The Afternoon interviews. Calvin Tomkins


Cartas sobre el arte. Marcel Duchamp


Conversations with Duchamp. Pierre Cabane


The writing of Marcel Duchamp. Salt Seller



Sol Lewitt: El concepto como arte

The writings of Robert Motherwell.


What is art? Conversation with Joseph Beuys.


Teoría del arte moderno. Paul Klee.


Richard Serra. Drawings. Rose, White and Garrels.



The age of creation. Donatien Grau.


Cartographies of time. A history of the timeline. Daniel Rosenberg and Anthony Grafton.


What is Contemporary Art? e-flux journal.


The Administration of fear. Paul Virilo


On art and life. John Ruskin.


El artesano. Richard Sennet.

Cuadernos de África. Miguel Barceló.



Thinking Architecture. Peter Zumpthor


Atmósferas. Peter Zumpthor


Glen Murcutt. Thinking drawing / Working drawing


Manifiesto del Tercer Paisaje. Gilles Clément.


Towards a new architecture. Le Corbusier.

Las ciudades invisibles. Italo Calvino.

Ideogramas en china, captar mediante trazos. Henri Michaux.


Lo artístico y lo estético. Giulio Carlo Argán.


El imperio de los sentidos. Roland Barthes.


Arte y percepción visual. Rudolph Arnheim.

El Elogio de la sombra. Tanizaki.